ImgurSniper is a small and lightweight tool that is designed to make sharing Images way easier and faster by instantly uploading them to imgur or copying to your clipboard!
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Icon by jinga, Idea by dmaniak

Why choose ImgurSniper?

Compared to other Screenshot software, ImgurSniper is as fast as sharing Images can get. Also, ImgurSniper will upload directly to imgur, which gets a direct Image Link (Meaning the Link is Image only, so you can embed the Image, or share it with Software that can preview Image URLs, like Discord, ...)

How to use

ImgurSniper Demo Press Ctrl + Shift + X or Print Screen (depending on your Preferences) to start ImgurSniper Snap Mode! Easily capture and share a moment by drawing a Rectangle with your Mouse to automatically upload it to imgur! Optionally, press Spacebar to switch Mode and paint on the Screen! You can now share the Link that has been copied to your Clipboard with everyone! (To change the behavior of ImgurSniper, right-click the Icon in your Tray and click Settings) (See more Info in ImgurSniper Settings -> Help)


ImgurSniper Settings Animated Screenshot

ImgurSniper Settings/Help Screenshot

Alternative Downloads

⇩ Imgur Sniper (10 MB) (Portable)

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